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Ondine's curse syndrome treatment ( central sleep apnea )

Use of diaphragmatic stimulator

For the first time in Russia there is ability to help children with severe diseases: - Central Sleep Apnea Syndrome (Ondine's Curse Syndrome)
- Diaphragmatic Paralysis with clear or unclear etiology
- Quadriplegia, complete or not complete
- Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS)
- Brain injury or tumor
- Brainstem Stroke

Breathe rythm driver provides significant reduction for care and higher quality of life for MV (mechanical ventilation) dependent patients with quadriplegia, central sleep apnea and diaphragmatic paralysis. Electrostimulation of phrenic nerve provides ventilation support for patients with chronic respiratory failure, when diaphragm, lungs and phrenic nerve have residual functional capacity.

We have experience in stimulators installation at our clinic, but the problem is to buy expensive device.


CP and other central nervous system diseases treatment center


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🏠 Russia , Novosibirsk region
the town of Iskitim Moldavskaya str, 50
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