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Stroke effects treatment

Blood circulation disorders during stroke result in creation of pathological area. Core of this area consist of dead nerve cells, and cells around this area are in state of reduced activity or complete brake. Treatment services which were done in time can return activity to them.

So, in first place we need to get patient in correct state, begin physical trainings. Physical training stimulates the ability of nerve cells "to relearn" and in some cases to take role of dead neighbor nerve cells, to compensate their inactivity. Besides, patient gets drugs, which activates termorarily lost transmition from one nerve cells to other, eliminating this obstacle for proper functionality of brain regions. Basic rule of physical training is gradually loads increasing.

On a first-second week, if no contraindications detected, doctor recommends massage therapy: in increased muscle tone it wiil be light muscles ironing, and jentle frictions and not very deep mashing in case of decreased muscle tone. Recently the medical armory of patients rehabilitaion after stroke included muscles electrostimulation by special devices. But main and most effective method of recovering motor skills is physiotherapy. Conditioning and breathing exercises recommended. On doctor opinion, if patient can maintain advanced emotional and physical load, speech recovery exercises also can be started in first-second week.

By early rehabilitation therapy patients acquire functional skills, which increasing there ability to self-service and contributing activation of affected limbs. If there is no early therapy, patients are less inclined to work out affected limbs and got used to be dependent of other people, which results in deterioration of functional status.

We do M2 macrophage therapy in this pathology. All treatment solutions are made individually based on medical history of patient. Improvement of cognitive functions and strengthening limbs in case of hemiparesis noticed . You can read more about treatment methods on the corresponding page.


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