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Traumatic brain injury treatment

Traumatic brain injury (TBI, head injury) - complex of partly or fully reversible changes after closed and open head injuries, brain injuries, skull fractures, nape injuries.

Severe craniocerebral traumas characterised with loss of consciousness with different length (LOC), coma. In some cases there can form some complications during coma: limb joint contractures, breathing problems, urinary system or other internal organs diseases.

Basic phases of recovery after TBI

There are few phases in traumatic brain injury. In acute phase, which lasts for several days, treatment focuses on recovery of life functions. After it, there are early and interim phases of TBI. They last for a few months, in that time we do intensive therapy to normalize central nervous system functions. Life of patient after trauma depends on timeliness and fullness of treatment services in those first three phases (acute, early and interim).

In those pathologies we do neurometabolic therapy, sometimes combine it with M2-like macrophages therapy. All treatment solutions are made individually based on medical history of patient. On early phases of traumatic disease we get very good results, patients wake up after coma in 80% of cases. You can read more about treatment methods on the corresponding page.


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